What Can Online Office Assistants Do For You?

In today’s world of ever changing situations and technology – thinking out of the box becomes ‘the norm’. As a business owner, contractor, therapist, counsellor, business man or woman, there are definitely times when employing someone would be beneficial to yourself and the company; there is an alternative to working yourself too hard. With the use of internet, computers, telephones, and all the other modern conveniences, employing an Online Office Assistant (or virtual assistant) is a definite possibility. We deal with a variety of companies including homes services companies like pestokill.ca. This is how our services have been benefited pest o kill.

Now it is possible to have an employee trained in your business, on call to your needs, and even provide you with value information to help your business grow. An Online Office Assistant is the solution. Finding a compatible office assistant can be a great addition to your business. The key is to be comfortable and confident in the person that you hire.

Here are some things to look for when finding a virtual assistant:

-What agencies are they apart of?

-Do they have any affiliations with other assistants?

– It’s always better to find an assistant that can go to others, or rely on others if they are sick, away, etc.

-Do they list the skills you are looking for?

-What time zone are they in?

-Do they offer any discounts?

The best thing to do is to talk with them, and ensure you are confident in their capabilities. Most assistants should be willing to do a ‘test run’, whether it’s a simple project or a sample of what is to come, to ensure that there is a working relationship between client and assistant. One thing to keep in mind, the more you treat this person as you would a regular employee – the more value you will get out of your relationship.

What are 25 things Online Office Assistants can do for you:

1. Schedule appointments
2. Take phone calls
3. Format documents
4. Send out information
5. Keep up contacts
6. Research information
1. Internet
2. Newspaper
3. Associations
7. Keep statistics
8. Generate reports
9. Compile data
10. Data entry
11. Create and distribute surveys
12. Interpret data collected
13. Maintain webpage
14. Send out newsletter
15. Compile newsletter
16. Maintain distribution software
17. Sort emails
18. Reply to emails
19. Create presentations
1. Handouts for presentations
2. PowerPoint slides
3. Graphics and diagrams for presentations
20. Create and maintain databases
21. Transcription and dictation
22. Form creation and customization
23. Mail-outs (traditional)
24. Create and distribute brochures
25. Coordinate advertising