Welcome to Online Office Assistants


If you are interested in working as a Virtual Assistant with Online Office Assistants, please read through the following information and if you’re still interested, follow the link below.

Being an Online Office Assistant is challenging and rewarding, and it is not for everyone. Working from a home based office requires discipline, organization, and commitment. Although it may sound convenient and exciting to work from home, you have to be willing to make sacrifices to get the job done and meet your clients needs. With a number of things on the go, with any number of clients, it takes a lot of organization and planning to keep it all straight and meet deadlines.

I enjoy the challenge and cherish the opportunity to be at home and raise my three children, however at times my work does have to come first, and scheduling is a must. I am fortunate that my husband is able to help out with household duties, as my free time is devoted to my clients. I strive to be the best employee for each and every one of my clients, available to their needs at all times.

Being a professional, living up to your clients expectations and needs, is what it comes down to when working from a home-based office. All Online Office Assistants must be willing to take that extra step in creating a professional environment for ourselves and our clients.

If you feel that you posses skills that would benefit our company, and you are willing to create and maintain a professional environment based out of your home office, I suggest you start with looking into training and certification through VAClassroom, where I am also a faculty member and can fully endorse the programs that are provided.