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What Can Online Office Assistants Do For You?

In today’s world of ever changing situations and technology – thinking out of the box becomes ‘the norm’. As a business owner, contractor, therapist, counsellor, business man or woman, there are definitely times when employing someone would be beneficial to … Continue reading

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Making Yourself Memorable: Creating a Stunning PowerPoint Presentation

Did you know that using a PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most effective ways to address a large group of people? With such a variety of learning styles, using a visual presentation allows you to reach a large … Continue reading

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How to Organize Your Inbox

As we all know our inboxes have turned into modern day filing systems – and just like in the ‘old’ days they can get chaotic and out of hand in no time. Attempts are made to control the unruly inboxes, … Continue reading

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